I frequently get asked about my job as a Content Marketing Strategist by aspiring content marketeers looking for insight into digital marketing. What do the day-to-day tasks involve? What kind of skill set is required? And what do I enjoy most about this role? If you are curious about what content marketing jobs like mine involve, let me guide you through some of the things I get up to on a typical work day. So, grab a cup of coffee and read on…

What A Content Marketing Role Involves

Needless to say, there are a whole range of content marketing jobs to choose from, each with their own unique specifications. Depending on the position you’re applying for, your role may be more operational, strategic or creative. As a Content Marketing Strategist, however, these are the kind of projects you can expect to work on in any given day.

Communication With Teams And Clients

content-marketing-strategist-blog As a Content Marketing Strategist, communication with colleagues from different disciplines is crucial in making sure all teams support each other and can benefit from each other’s knowledge. If you want a content marketing strategy to succeed, it needs to be informed by your client’s SEO, PPC, and Digital PR goals. At the same time, you need to clearly communicate with clients to make sure they are on board with your proposed content strategy and that it is supporting their business goals. Building and maintaining relations with other key stakeholders – such as illustrators, developers, writers, editors and designers – is another fun and essential part of the job. Related skills: Excellent communication and literacy skills, client handling and management skills, the ability to work as a team player

Content And Copywriting

content-marketing-strategist-blog-2 As you’re walking the content marketing career path, you’ll inevitably find yourself producing content and web copy for your clients (the difference between the two is explained here). Those who are passionate about writing, like myself, will love this part of the job! On top of writing blog posts, landing pages and even whitepapers, you will work with designers and developers to produce visual and/or interactive content assets designed to attract links, increase visibility in search engines and provide value to current and prospective customers. Related skills: Excellent command of the English language, outstanding copywriting skills and the ability to work to tight deadlines and deliver results

Creating Content Strategies


Creating content strategies is at the core of the Content Marketing Strategist job. A good content strategy is based on pre-determined objectives as well as on extensive research of the client’s audience, their current content, their competitors’ content and what has historically performed best according to different content marketing metrics. Armed with your research, you will come up with creative content ideas which will shape your client’s strategy – this usually happens during content brainstorms, at which representatives from different disciplines are present. As a Content Marketing Strategist, it is your job to lead these brainstorms, in which creative concepts are brought to the table and no idea is a bad idea. If you enjoy engaging your creative brain and coming up with wild new ideas, this part of the job might just be your favourite. After the content brainstorm, you will narrow down the list of ideas and select the best ones based on their viability. At Koozai, we make sure our ideas provide added value to what is already out there and are viable from an SEO and/or Digital PR-point of view. Related skills: Research skills, creative ideation skills, strategic thinking

Creating Content Roadmaps

content-marketing-strategist-blog-4 If you’re doing it right, the ideas that you have selected from the brainstorm are aligned with the client’s overall marketing strategy. In a content roadmap, you will map out your ideas and the corresponding tasks around key dates such as industry events, awareness days, anniversaries, product launches etc. At all times, you need to work within your client’s budget and your team’s capacity. Excel enthusiasts and planning gurus will revel in this organisational challenge. After the roadmap has been created and approved by the client, you will be in charge of managing the implementation of the plans. This includes making sure that project briefs are followed and deadlines are met by your team and the client. Related skills: Planning and organisational skills, ability to work with spreadsheets, attention to detail What I love most about my role as a Content Marketing Strategist is the opportunity to generate creative synergy with members from various teams. Working with talented SEOs, PRs, designers, developers and writers to create something that’s more than our separate efforts is really what it’s all about. In the end, the feeling of having produced a content asset that looks, works and reads great and produces results for our clients never fails to make me feel on top of the world. If you are looking to start your career in content marketing, have a browse through the content marketing jobs available at Koozai. There are an extensive range of benefits to working at Koozai, including (but by no means limited to!) flexible working hours, an extra day off on your birthday, and team lunches on the first day of every month! Like the sound of that? Send in your application today!