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    What You’ll Learn

    Looking for a guide to getting the most out of SEO for your Business? Well look no further, you have found it!

    • On page optimisation advice
    • The best tools to use to do more work in less time
    • What tactics to avoid to ensure longevity for your site


    In this whitepaper we will be looking at the Search Engine Optimisation best practices to get you up and running, as well as some of the free tools you can use to help you monitor your site performance.

    The main purpose of a search engine is to provide the searcher with the most relevant information relating to your search query. The authority of the results is also a big factor. Search engines decide the authority and relevance of the web pages they rank by calculating a score based on over 200 ranking factors within their ever-changing algorithm.

    Knowing that there are over 200 factors is pretty much all the information Google are prepared to release (there are helpful documents but they certainly won’t be giving you all 200 factors); However, there are a number of best practices (that Google are very open about) that all websites should have in place to ensure your site can be crawled and understood.


    This will give you a better chance of ranking for your desired terms. This whitepaper will help get you started and ensure that you are on the right track with the SEO on your site.

    What Are You Waiting For?

    If you’re looking to learn more about how you should be using SEO better within your business, or to confirm that you have all your bases covered, request our free Getting Started With SEO whitepaper today. It is packed full of help, advice and walkthroughs to ensure that your business is getting it right and avoiding the potential pitfalls.


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