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    What You’ll Learn

    Discover how you can provide a positive user experience on your website for your growing mobile audience. In this whitepaper you will learn:

    The fundamentals of mobile configurations, including best practices when implementing and maintaining a mobile website
    How to research and understand your current mobile audience and potential mobile search growth
    Mobile wins and opportunities to put you ahead of your competition
    The number of users turning to mobile devices to browse the internet is growing; if you’re not already catering for this growing demand then you’re very likely to be behind your competition.

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    In April 2015, Google gave the internet a huge signal that mobile was becoming a very important factor to them with ‘Mobilegeddon’. Since then, many brands have rushed to optimise their websites for mobile whilst Google started changing their mobile search results for good.

    It’s time to become established not only on desktop but mobile (and tablet) too. This Mobile SEO Whitepaper will take you through all the fundamentals you need to know in establishing a mobile optimised website. Cater for your current and prospective mobile audience and increase your mobile search visibility.

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    If you want to create a strong mobile website, or you’re looking to improve upon a website that’s already in place, request our free Mobile SEO Whitepaper today.

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