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    What we do

    We source key influencers, journalists, and bloggers who are active within your niche


    Get more traffic

    Increased sharing of your content, resulting in more traffic and growth.


    Greater visibility

    Great authority referrals, links, citations and increased social shares

    Establish Your Online Presence With Your Brand

    If you’ve got something to say make sure is relevant and newsworthy and know how to get it out there.

    At Seo Advantage our online PR services are a great solution to maximise your growth with online media exposure.

    Our expert digital management team are waiting to guide you with specialising in PR. We support your brand to gain new insights in expanding your audience by building trust through earned media.

    Digital PR Values

    Collaborate with key influencers will promote your business even further than you ever thought possible, Together with our expert marketers you can sit back and watch your reach grow to new heights.

    We do that by monitoring news feeds in various formats and we actively search and seek out potential trending media opportunities, both “traditional and digital” thus ensuring that we’re able to increase your business value with greater exposure targeting your niche markets.

    With your ideas and input, we will then advise on how to build, design and write great “original” content, we will make sure that your content is promoted across various media channels, we make sure it’s seen by your “ideal” audience. To ensure maximum coverage for your brand, we will utilise both owned and earned media strategies

    Why Key Influencers Are Important

    To be successful in PR it involves in-depth online brand management, PR isn’t won by simply releasing a fresh news or blog; We must identify who is your ideal audience, the personas. At the same time, we will build trust and ensure the relationships with key industry influencers do provide valuable media resources.

    In the discovery phase, you will gain valuable insight into your ideal audience demographics local, national or international and discover what are their interests, needs and wants including who they are, the websites they visit and the type of content they want to see more of.

    Then we’ll wrap all that up and deliver exactly what they want.

    Question: Do you know your ideal client or customer persona? If not, it’s time to give us a call.

    Digital PR Marketing Company

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    • Year on Year Organic Sales Increased by 94%

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    Reasons To Use Seo Advantage In Digital Marketing

    • Key Influences in your niche are important
    • Obtain a wider audience with targeted consumer smart insights
    • Greater coverage expanded by traditional and digital media
    • Grow your brand establishing increased trust online resulting in more clients

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