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    A Seo Advantage Digital Marketing Agency

    We not only create digital campaigns – We make them happen.


    We do this

    Use your audience’s details to remarket messages to them


    Which does this

    Re-engages audiences that may have previously lost interest


    Giving you this

    A lower cost per conversion and increased life time value

    Increase Conversion Rates And Improved ROI

    Tap into your customers’ psyche with remarketing and retargeting from Seo Advanatage It’s clever, and that’s why we like it.

    If you’re not sure what these terms mean and they just sound like new-fangled words that we’re throwing around, let us explain.

    Remarketing and retargeting involve displaying ads to targeted users who have already visited your site. If they navigate away from your site or shopping cart, remarketing enables you to get a second bite at the pie, as it were.

    How It Works

    If a user visits your site and leaves without converting (on average 97% of customers won’t convert on their first visit) then your advert can follow them as they view other websites, acting as a reminder of your site.

    Don’t worry too much when customers abandon your site as it could be down to something as simple as getting distracted – so remarketing is the perfect way of giving them a little nudge in the right direction. Or a big push. Depends on how big you go.

    The Seo Advantage Help

    We’re a Google AdWords Certified, so our Digital Marketing Executives are qualified with extensive experience in managing remarketing campaigns. We know a lot about paid advertising – it’s one of our specialities.

    Our team has the skill, creativity and drive to produce ads that get noticed, leading to sales of your products and services. They use performance data to know which ads work and which ones don’t, and they know which sites are best to display your ads.

    In other words, if you need remarketing and retargeting, you need Seo Advantage

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    A Seo Advantage Digital Marketing Agency

    We not only create digital campaigns – We make them happen.



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